Cooperative learning - because we is more than me


Cooperative Learning

by Jakob Werdelin

Empowering KS2-5 learners through Participatory Budgeting 27 March 2019, Central Birmingham

Funded by Shared Future CiC and co-hosted with Werdelin Education.

"I have been highly impressed by his absolute commitment... Jakob has a wealth of knowledge around Cooperative Learning that would be of huge benefit to any educational establishment."

- Anne Stokes, Head of Teaching School, Sheringham Primary National Teaching School Alliance, 2018.




In 2014 and 2015 my first Special Measures school spent £900 of Pupil Premium on Cooperative Learning CPD to benefit every pupil. In 2016, it achieved 81% in the core subjects, entering the UK Top-500 league.


The facts remain:


  • Pupil Premium Grants (PPG) to disadvantaged pupils range from £935 to £2,300.*
  • The DfE-promoted Sutton Trust-EEF Toolkit encourages spending Pupil Premium on Cooperative Learning.


This means you too can fully justify spending less than of one child's Pupil Premium Grant to radically improve your entire school.



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It's not "yet another system"


“I introduced Cooperative Learning in June … everyone was very tired

but because of the simplicity and clarity, the enthusiasm

it was met with was heartwarming…”


- Alex Bowles, primary headteacher of Great Hockham Primary & Nursery, October 2016.


Even for good schools, overload is the biggest obstruction for improvement....


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