Cooperative learning - because  we is more than me

Participatory Budgeting

Cooperative Learning is the key to the new Participatory Budgeting programme in schools. Sean Harford asked me two critical questions...

Co-Creative Conversation

Adults only. Cooperative Learning now helps unravel hyper-complex or toxic issues faced when multiple stake-holders are interdependent.

Collaborative Networking

The success of the Sheringham gender gap SSIF has demonstrated how Cooperative Learning creates cohesion across disparate institutions.


Cooperative Learning


In a nutshell, Cooperative Learning turns any group of people from passive recipients to empowered agents and potent resources without sacrificing the benefit of direct instruction or clear objectives. In schools, such objectives include mastering curriculum content, training life skills and building character in children by reproducing the real world in a safe learning environment. We have seen the results: Good grades and even better lives.

Cooperative Learning comes of age

Now, after almost fifteen years of honing the concept, I am ready to let Cooperative Learning become the driving force in a series of initiatives well beyond the confines of the classroom. Above you will find the three most important themes I am exploring. All of them are enlightened by the contributions of colleagues in schools, colleges, universities, private consultancies, social action groups and enterprise, here and abroad.

All three share a common theme: That human beings working well together will unlock most challenges we face - not in spite off, but because of, their differences. It is in this respect for each individual in the group you will find the alchemy of Cooperative Learning. 

"I wanted to thank you very much for your excellent management of what has turned out to be a successful and highly stimulating teaching & learning workshop yesterday. I am sure that everyone must have told you this."

- Dr Premkanth Puwanenthiren, Lecturer at University of Roehampton Business School,  

Centre for Organisational Research, 24 May 2019.

On the Co-Creative Conversation on student attendance and engagement.


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It's not  "yet another system"

“I introduced Cooperative Learning in June … everyone was very tired

but because of the simplicity and clarity, the enthusiasm

it was met with was heartwarming…”

- Alex Bowles, primary headteacher of Great Hockham Primary & Nursery, October 2016.


In schools, Cooperative Learning overcomes the biggest obstruction for improvement....

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