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Even for good schools, overload is the biggest obstruction for improvement. So, if your school is judged Inadequate, in Special Measures, and/or converting, I appreciate any Teaching & Learning solution must:


  • Convince demoralised teachers, pupils, and parents from day one.


  • Have immediate measurable impact across all subjects, especially English, maths & science.


  • Simultaneously solve multiple issues, from developing concrete expertise, such as reading and writing, to fostering behaviour, language, and thinking skills.


  • Enforce outstanding teaching, including differentiation, assessment, and feedback.


  • Yet be simple to deploy and monitor even for severely strained leadership, to clearly demonstrate their newfound effectiveness.


Cooperative Learning brings all this within reach directly after the first session.



“Yesterday was fantastic... it is not often that in one training session that you get as many practical application strategies that you can see being useful and implemented across the school.”

- Gayle Platt, headteacher at Dersingham VA Primary and Nursery School, October 2016.





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