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Cooperative learning - because we is more than me

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CL & Social Skills.

Behaviors for ... living.

This course helps schools create a safe learning environment and provides skills for life.


A sense of security is a condition for effective learning. To secure the high attainment potential of Cooperative Learning, the heterogeneous cooperative team - ideally mixing race, gender, religion and social strata as well as ability - naturally integrates crucial social skills training, preparing children for life in modern Britain.

Cooperative Learning promotes assuming responsibility, showing patience, listening, taking turns, conflict resolution, scaling responses, escalation management, awareness of body language and facial expression, giving, and asking for, appropriate support, expressing complex feelings,

as well as leadership and collaboration.


These are not only vital to a positive, healthy school ethos and requirements in the form of PSHE, Citizenship and SMSC, but are also vital for schools engaged in character building and promoting key 21st century skills.


“It is everyday positivity, and that opens their minds to learning, to experiences... It makes a huge difference in the children's lives - and in adults' lives, too.”

- Ms Vanessa Branch, Safeguarding & Behavior Lead, Norwich Primary Academy, 2016.

In an anonomous survey, supported schools in the Sheringham SSIF were asked to which degree they agreed with this statement following their coaching visit:


very much agreed

(and the last 4% just agreed)

What are you doing at the bottom?

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