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...that Werdelin Education has successfully deregistered from VAT effective from 25 October 2017 and that VNET schools are eligble for a fixed discount.


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Although the following outline of Diamonds in the Rough is what I recommend as best practice based on experience you can add or subtract from the basic provision without affecting the exclusive VNET pricing.


Schools not affiliated with Viscount Nelson Education Network may benefit from the programme at our regular rates. Please consider joining VNET to save over 15% on Diamonds, along with multiple other benefits.


Costs may be distributed over a full calendar year. Bear in mind Cooperative Learning is the ideal way to spend your Pupil Premium to benefit all pupils (Read more on


These prices to VNET schools are in effect from 2 September 2017:


  • 8 hours of CPD at VNET exclusive price of £150 per hour per 20 delegates is £1200.


  • 10 hours of Senior Leadership coaching 10 hours at VNET exlusive price of £75 per hour is £750.


  • Delivery Flexible as per requirements at a venue of your choice, e.g. CPD may be delivered as 2 insets or 3-4 twilights. We reserve the right to conjoin some coaching and CPD on the same day. (Travel outside London, Midlands and Norfolk, or required hotel stays are not included in the price).


  • Key stage KS1-4.


  • Price match school size charged in increments of 20 delegates. For example, if you are a VNET school with under 20 staff your total price would be £1,950 or less than £150 + VAT per month (or roughly £10 per teacher) when distributed over a calendar year. (See options for extra staff).


  • Non-VNET schools should contact me directly for a quote.


Unless otherwise agreed, we accept a maximum of 40 participants per session. This course may be delivered to several schools at a time potentially saving smaller schools 50% to 66%. Other terms and conditions may apply,


In an anonomous survey, supported schools in the Sheringham SSIF were asked to which degree they agreed with this statement following their coaching visit:


very much agreed

(and the last 4% just agreed)

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