“…this was fantastic, eye-opening and very visceral.”

- Matt Vince, PGCE student at Exeter University, 2014.



Cooperative learning - because we is more than me

Police Neighbourhood Team Perry Barr

Activating citizens through Cooperative Learning



This series of tailored workshops present the context and concept of the new Participatory Budgeting funding process, and tie this to the narrative of shared future, democracy in action, community building and empowerment, equal participation, citizen responsibility/accountability and choice. This work is the definite evidence that Cooperative Learning may achieve objectives with any cohort, and is certainly not restricted to the education sector.


Through very simple changes to the format of community meetings, the collaborative strategies I design enable challenged communities to activate internal resources to prevent crime, engage youth and support the new Participatory Budgeting community-lead spending decisions.


On the other hand, this new format helps Police, Social Services, 3rd sector, and other relevant parties achieve deeper understanding of the communities they serve and save huge resources thanks to situational awareness and effective collaboration.



“The attention to detail for active participation was innovative.”


– Rob Abdul, Active Citizen, June 2016.



For more information, visit cooperativelearning.works:

Active Citizens; Cooperative Learning goes Community





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In an anonomous survey, supported schools in the Sheringham SSIF were asked how much they agreed with this statement following their coaching visit:


very much agreed

(and the last 4% just agreed)

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