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“…this was fantastic, eye-opening and very visceral.”

- Matt Vince, PGCE student at Exeter University, 2014.



Cooperative learning - because we is more than me


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MUA Consultancy, founded by Mr Mohi Uddin Ahmed, specialises in Mathematics Education and in particular Singapore Maths.


Having himself been trained by Dr. Yeap Ban Har, the lead expert in Singapore Maths, Mr Ahmed's training on key strategies, including Singapore Maths, has consistently been rated outstanding. Over the years, he has helped schools to undertake major changes in pedagogy and implementing proven strategies to effectively improve standards and expectations in their schools. 


MUA Consultancy is now extending its range of outstanding maths-related CPD provision to cover all subjects through Cooperative Learning. Follow on Twitter for updates or contact me to learn more.


“The social interactive/constructivist element and its importance to learning was well-developed. It'd be interesting to

try this out in a UK Higher Education context.”

- Dr Mike Diboll, Institute of Education, London, 2014.



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Expanding scope beyond numbers

In an anonomous survey, supported schools in the Sheringham SSIF were asked to which degree they agreed with this statement following their coaching visit:


very much agreed

(and the last 4% just agreed)

What are you doing at the bottom?

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