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Since the Regional Commisioner's endorsement, Cooperative Learning has become the buzz of Norfolk.


VNET aims to empower partnering schools by providing bespoke, cost-effective support focused on improving leadership, provision and outcomes.


Cooperative Learning fits the bill - the new, bespoke programme Diamonds in the Rough is flexible, slots into the Ofsted framework in relation to leadership, is easy to implement for teachers, and has documented instant impact.


And thanks to the content-void nature of Cooperative Learning even an off-the-shelf basic course becomes bespoke by default, as activities interlace with current objectives, strategies and materials.



See for yourself


Mr Alex Bowles of Great Hockham Primary and I presented the new Diamonds in the Rough programme on March 20 at the Enterprise Center, Mattishall. Watch the video recording and slideshow.


“[VNET] should facilitate a fast and uncompromising process of improvement which leads to a judgement of ‘good’ in a short timeframe.”

- Denise Walker, Director, March 2016.



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In an anonomous survey, supported schools in the Sheringham SSIF were asked to which degree they agreed with this statement following their coaching visit:


very much agreed

(and the last 4% just agreed)

What are you doing at the bottom?

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