Training Providers

“It's been refreshing to work with

an outside provider who really listened…”

- John McConnell, headteacher at George White Junior School, December 2016.




Cooperative learning - because we is more than me


Training providers.

Cost-effective, instant impact on results, and high levels of engagement from learners and teachers make Cooperative Learning an obvious first choice for any teacher training provider.


I work with private consultancies, academy chains, universities, a county council and not-for-profit organisations. Many are happy to act as my reference; please contact me for details.


Please use the dropdown menu under the WORK tab for a comprehensive list.


“Cooperative Learning enables everyone to contribute, actively listen to each other (and) provided a way to engage in controversy within a safe social environment. The tools are very easy to use and

I have particularly liked the assessment element.”


- Kevin Blogg, teacher trainer with Norfolk County Council & Norfolk SACRE member

on Islam in RE: Religious Literacy & Controversy through Enquiry

at the School of Education & Lifelong Learning, UEA, 2014.



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