Participatory Budgeting

Cooperative Learning is the key to the new Participatory Budgeting programme in schools. Sean Harford asked me two critical questions...

Co-Creative Conversation

Adults only. Cooperative Learning now helps unravel hyper-complex or toxic issues faced when multiple stake-holders are interdependent.

Confidence & Cooperation

Operationalising the promising concept of Possible Selves, Cooperative Learning helps young people in South Yorkshire at risk of missing out on HE.

Years in the making, this handy work includes the case study of Stalham Academy's transformation from Special Measures to Top-500, as it distils the authors' experiences working with schools in the UK and internationally. Whether you approach it as a leader or a teacher, Beginner's Guide is a step-by-step guide to get simple, powerful Cooperative Learning up and running in your class or school within a week. It gives precise, detailed instructions to make you an expert practitioner and relegates research evidence and academic theory to dedicated chapters to let you get on with it without much ado. However, for all its guided precision, this book is far from prescriptive. Rather, we try to demonstrate how Cooperative Learning lets you get on better in a way that you are comfortable with, using your trusted materials and systems. Best of all, it lets you experiment and grow your own best-practice. Get the book that lets you step into the driver’s seat and lets the kids do the pedalling.

"...an excellent guide to cooperative learning that provides teachers with a coherent philosophy and a detailed structure for bringing it to life in the classroom."

- Tom Sherrington,@teacherhead

author of Learning Rainforest and Teacher WalkThrus.

"...The Beginners Guide to Cooperative Learning will change education for the better. It sets out a compelling case for how it can benefit not just all students but all teaching staff too. A must-buy."

- Haili Hughes, Head of Education, IRIS connect, @HughesHaili

Senior Lecturer, University of Sunderland, author and speaker