21st century British Muslim



Specialised course

21st century

British Muslim.

This tailored 11-hour course has been developed over 18 months for the Association of Muslim Schools

to meet the highly specialised needs of Muslim faith schools in the UK, in relation to

improving results, radicalisation issues and leadership.

It puts Ofsted-compliant, effective student-centred learning at the fingertips of all staff, including unqualified teachers, across all subjects, driving attainment and progress, while integrating behavior

and higher level thinking.


Specifically, 21st century British Muslim gives a practical demonstration of how to facilitate the Islamic component of the curriculum in relation to both subject matter and authentic identity formation in the context of “Fundamental British Values” and other requirements outlined in the Independent Schools Standards.

Join Wisdom Academy in Birmingham, Al-Muntada Primary School in London, Al-Hikma in Luton, and al-Aqsa Primary & Secondary in Leicester, by getting on the programme now.

“Mr Werdelin has developed a propitious educational project ... Melding fluency of subject matter with an interactive pedagogy, his sensitivity to faith traditions and the challenges faced by teachers ensures its continued relevancy.”

- Mujadad Zaman, Curriculum Coordinator for Cambridge Muslim College,

PhD student candidate at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University, 2015.