Read & Write



Micro course

Read & Write.

Collaborative Literacy.

Can your learners read, but not comprehend? The new literacy micro course, Read & Write, solves this problem once and for all. For LAP heavy classes or schools with a high proportion of EAL pupils, this course is a must.

The core of the literacy micro course is the collaborative reading and writing activities which are fully compliant with National Curriculum guidelines, yet equally useful right up to Keystage 5 and beyond. Both are trialled and tested at Leeds SCITT and of course both may be be used in any subject where reading and writing is needed, including Science.

This course includes everything; from starter activities through to guided practice, formative & summative assessment in written and oral form, differentiation, metacognition, feedback from teachers and peers, and everything else you should expect from Cooperative Learning.

Micro courses consist of 2-hour twilight CPD modules with a narrow focus, and both the maths and literacy micro courses take the form of real lessons to give a practical demonstration of how Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns (CLIPs) slot together to generate a flow of outstanding Teaching & Learning.

Whether your school is looking to boost a previous investment in Cooperative Learning or try a inexpensive taster with clear outcome, Micro Courses are your best place to start.

“Very useful and engaging way to enhance children's reading analysis skills.”

 - Kelly Ashley, Assistant Headteacher, Short Heath Primary, on Better Reading through Cooperative Learning, Walsall, 2016.