SATS through CL



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SATs through CL.

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SATs remain part of the picture.

This brand new course allows teachers to effectively prepare Year 6 pupils for SAT tests. Not through mere drilling of the concepts being tested, but by recognising when and how to use various procedures.

This is especially relevant for EAL and lower ability pupils with poor language and reading skills, who often find recognising the actual task itself is the biggest challenge. Therefore, the the Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns (CLIPs) are picked and ordered to drive deep integration of skills with higher level thinking processes.

SATs through CL is developed and tested in close collaboration with Year 6 teachers, and consists of a series of content-void lesson plans immediatly applicable to any SAT-related material. These integrate procedural training, peer learning, feedback, accountability, knowledge sharing across class, and effective monitoring.

SATs through CL will be available to schools in the academic year 2016-2017.

“A wonderful way to create equal learning opportunities instantly!”

- Mrs Laura Sproston, Headteacher, Caston VA Primary School, 2016.