Cooperative learning - because  we is more than me

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Use this simple checklist list to see if Cooperative Learning is for you.

Would you like to...

  • Have a £20 per pupil p.a. programme for as little as £5?
  • Avoid risk by speaking to current clients before you dive in?
  • Boost measurable results?
  • Close achievement gaps?
  • Accelerate progress?
  • Hit all key stages at once -  including Early Years?
  • Not tire your teachers with "yet another system"?
  • Increase staff retention?
  • Promote complex social skills and save resources on behavior management?
  • Develop higher level thinking?
  • Improve language for EAL & challenged/lower ability pupils?
  • Automate differentiation?
  • Integrate SEN pupils, including ADHD, ADD and higher functioning autism?
  • Secure written evidence of learning and learning process?
  • Base feedback on realistic realtime insight into the learning process of teams and individuals?
  • Spend your Pupil Premium to the benefit of all learners?
  • Safeguard and promote fundamenal British values intelligently?
  • Advocate and leverage diversity?
  • Demonstrate you are spending your Pupil Premium as promoted by the Sutton Trust?
  • Increase value of current programmes and past CPD?
  • Prepare learners for real life far beyond PSHE, SMCS and Citizenship?
  • Develop the school ethos you claim on your website?
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple best practice strands?
  • Work with a consultant who gives a toss about you, your staff and your pupils?
  • Add your own by contacting me now.


“...his session was really engaging with a simple technique that could be easily varied and applied to many different classroom scenarios."

- Lizzie Morcom, Trainee, CCCU INSPIRE STEM PGCE 11-18, Imperial College, London, 2017.

What are you doing at the bottom??

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