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Cooperative Learning is the most cost-effective CPD investment available to schools today because it organises outstanding teaching into discrete, manageable packages.

These packages, called Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns (or CLIPs), define in a practical way how learners interact with materials and each other to achieve your various objectives, giving full control of the learning process. This means Cooperative Learning is the antithesis to "group work" and interlaces seamlessly with direct instruction at any point in the lesson stream.

Notwithstanding their instant & high impact, CLIPs are simple to deploy in classrooms and give teachers and learners of all ages and levels a sense of freedom and empowerment.

No need to buy new materials: The CLIPs use your existing resources in more powerful ways, across all key stages and all subjects. Nor throw the baby out, nor the bathwater: Cooperative Learning invigorates any existing good practice and supports your current approaches, from Growth Mindset to Attainment for All.

Added considerations include the Sutton Trust's rating of Cooperative Learning as one of the best investments of Pupil Premium, and the direct relationship between Cooperative Learning and the 2019 Ofsted framework.

See if Cooperative Learning is for you, or read one headteacher's description. Or just have a look in the shop to find what you need.

“Cooperative learning strategies can be successful with students of all ages, learning styles, and ethnic backgrounds.” 

- Marilyn W. Goodwin, Cooperative Learning and Social Skills: What Skills to Teach and How to Teach Them (PDF)

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