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Cooperative learning - because  we is more than me


Citizens. Parents.


For schools, using Cooperative Learning to get parents involved is an obvious next step.

However, my workshops are not limited to the education sector. For organisations dealing directly with community building, such as Police or councils, Cooperative Learning offers a unique way to engage stakeholders and can facilitate a safe, respectful forum in which issues may be aired and perhaps resolved.

Do you wish a group of people to achieve some objective?

Can you get that group of people into the same room?

If your answer is "yes" to these two questions, a Cooperative Learning workshop is relevant to you.

On you will find more about my work with Mandeeq, West Midlands Police and

the Somali community in Birmingham, and the Active Citizens Programme for Perry Barr neighbourhood team.

Other projects, such as Enquiry & Immersion and Healing Fractures II - beyond Birmingham are practical examples of how to safely and respectfully approach difficult subjects using Cooperative Learning.


“...creates an environment where people give their best.

The creative solutions that came out of that process were very illuminating.”

- K. Mair, business coach, on Healing Fractures II - Beyond Birmingham?

Islam Awareness Week, 2015.

Watch the full video commentary

"Children who might not be so outspoken in class (..) were really able to express themselves... you can almost see their thinking processes going down on paper... ."

- D. Ridgeon, Deputy Head, Avenue Junior School,

on Enquiry & Immersion, Mosque outreach programme to schools, Norwich, 2015.

Watch the full video commentary

“A well thought-out very first Active Citizens event...

The attention to detail for active participation was innovative.”


-– Rob Abdul, author & ecommerce expert, lecturer, photographer, and general active citizen, 2016.

What are you doing at the bottom??

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