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Achievement. Progress.


Only 2 years after completing my £900 standard Skills & Mastery course, special measures primary

Stalham Academy had 91% achieving the expected standard or above in Reading, Writing & Maths and is in the Top-500 league nationwide.

As a result, Tim Coulson, then Regional Schools Commissioner, listed this school as one of only seven

in the entire Eastern region to contact for good practice. 

According to the DfE-promoted Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit, collaborative strategies may afford 5 months of additional progress per pupil per year. All my courses seamlessly integrate other best-practise strands in theToolkit, including Feedback and Metacognition, which both yield up to 8 months of progress.

For accountable school leadership looking to spend the budget right, the Toolkit is the UK's most trusted and best researched resource on investment. Mail me or browse courses to learn more.

‘‘Evidence about the benefits ... has been found consistently

for over 40 years (in) systematic reviews

and meta-analyses of research studies.”


- Teaching and Learning Toolkit, ©Education Endowment Foundation, 2014.

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...APS progress (…) of over four points in every year group in every subject.

- Glenn Russell,  headteacher at Stalham Academy, 2015.

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...we need Ofsted to come in and recognise the impact...

- Deborah Gillespie, deputy head at Stalham Academy, 2015.

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with Stalham staff.

...I was amazed at the amount of information they had remembered!

- Judy Brady, teacher at Norwich Primary Academy, 2015.

Watch this and other videos with NPA staff.