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In 2014 and 2015 my first Special Measures school, Stalham Academy, spent £900 of Pupil Premium on Cooperative Learning CPD to benefit every pupil. In 2016, it achieved 91% combined in SATs, 96% for Pupil Premium. Last year, RI-graded Henderson Green Primary Academy achieved 90% combined, also within two years of engaging with Cooperative Learning. In none of these schools did the training cost exceed £7 per pupil per year.

The facts remain:

  • Pupil Premium Grants (PPG) to disadvantaged pupils range from £935 to £2,300.*
  • The DfE-promoted Sutton Trust-EEF Toolkit encourages spending Pupil Premium on Cooperative Learning.*

This means you too can fully justify spending less than of one child's Pupil Premium Grant to radically improve your entire school.

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It's not  "yet another system"

“I introduced Cooperative Learning in June … everyone was very tired

but because of the simplicity and clarity, the enthusiasm

it was met with was heartwarming…”

- Alex Bowles, primary headteacher of Great Hockham Primary & Nursery, October 2016.


Even for good schools, overload is the biggest obstruction for improvement....

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