Social skills

“Cooperative Learning has been huge,

it covers everything...”

- Ms Vanessa Branch, Safeguarding & Behavior Lead,

Norwich Primary Academy, 2016.


Classbuilding. Ethos.


In Cooperative Learning social skills simply form an integral part of learning - yet improvement extends far beyond the classroom.

Cooperative Learning naturally lessens disruptive behavior and social isolation.  It integrates precise language needed to explain, ask for help, and respectfully preserve personal boundaries. These are crucial transferable skills, needed for life in a multicultural, democratic Britain and in the 21st century workplace.

Cooperative Learning helps teachers and behavior teams uncover which social skills are needed in classes and by individual students, and integrates systematic practice with subject learning in every lesson.

By integrating SMSC, PSHE and Citizenship, Cooperative Learning frees valuable resources.

The content-void nature of Cooperative Learning means your school may tailor social interaction to counter extremism and promote “fundamental British values” through personalised reflection and choice.

..there's a

civility to it...

- Alex Bowles, Headteacher at Great Hockham Primary School, 2016.

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...great PSHE lessons...

Rebecca Lamb, Newly Qualified Teacher at Stalham Academy, on the first two-hour twilight of Skills & Mastery, 2014.

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with Stalham staff.


part of life...

- Vanessa Branch, Safeguarding & Behavior Lead, in impromptu video interview on the impact of Cooperative Learning,

Also enjoy the Vice Principal and a 

Year 3 teacher share their experiences.

“Cooperative Learning enables everyone to contribute, encourages participants to actively listen to each other (and) provided a way to engage in controversy within a safe social environment. The tools are very easy to use ...”


-  Kevin Blogg, Norfolk County Council, Norfolk SACRE, on the tailored RE course: 

Islam? Teaching Religious Literacy & Controversy Using Cooperative Learning, UEA, 2014.