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Confidence & Cooperation program for Higher Education Progression Partnership in South Yorkshire 

Werdelin Education is proudly partnering with Catherine Brentnall of Ready Unlimited, a leading specialist in Enterprise Education, to support the work of the Higher Education Progression Partnership in South Yorkshire (HeppSY+) to help young people from Year 9 most at risk of missing out on higher education. 

Our task for HeppSY+ is to design 20 activity packs that may be delivered by their post-graduate facilitators and regular teachers in single lessons or combined to fill a day. The activities will be mapped to the HeppSY Progression Framework, with special focus on Confidence and Resilience.

Our theoretical underpinning is the promising concept of “Possible Selves” which asserts that people envisage a range of potential future identities framed by factors both within and beyond their control. We use Cooperative Learning to develop and negotiate possible selves for students which posit HE as a viable option.

In the bigger picture, the activities are inclusive beyond the target group and seamlessly let the schools tick the Widening Participation, Enterprise Education, Character Education and PSHE boxes to motivate school leadership to engage with the resources, much akin to the sales proposition for engaging with Participatory Budgeting. The simple, scalable nature of Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns makes them the ideal vehicle for this.

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