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The Real Value of TAs

An example of a bespoke course to staff is the 2017 "Real Value of TAs" workshop for Evolution Academy Trust, tailored to uncover TA's own perceptions of their roles and to empower them to improve outcomes across all schools, in reference to the EEF's Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants Guidance Report. Contact me to learn more.

The objectives of these events included:

  • Instilling a sense of worth and belonging among TAs, leading to heightened engagement, staff retention, fewer sick days, etc.
  • Information gathering of any specific grievances, in the form of wish lists and possible solutions – and the roles various staff, including SLT and teachers, in these solutions. The key was to link TA empowerment, ownership and accountability throughout, again to positively impact daily work.
  • Providing TAs with one or two very simple, manageable Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns (CLIPs) with clear outcomes, to use with smaller groups of students by means of a unique, tailored CPD experience.
  • Giving present members of senior leadership an opportunity to directly vet Cooperative Learning with a view to adopting this method in their schools.

"Working with Jakob on activities to further promote the effectiveness of Teaching Assistants has been both interesting and productive. Jakob’s training  leaves nothing to chance, is focussed, thorough, reflective and takes good account of the real development needs of the team.”

- Tony hull, CEO of Evolution Academy Trust, 2017.