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Continued improvement

Following the Regional Commissioner's endorsement, concerns about results led Headteacher Lucy Bates to foresee the issues in Ormesby's most recent Ofsted report. She and her staff see Cooperative Learning as an integral part of the solution.


I am very happy to endorse co-operative learning

- teachers are highly enthusiastic and the more we embed the CLIPs the more children

become engaged and responsible for their own learning. 

An example during a Y5/6 Catch1Partner - two less able pupils who found each other.  When one could not answer the maths problem the other said 'Shall I give you a clue' and then proceeded to give a sensible clue so the other child could work out the answer! Amazing given the children in question.


- Lucy Bates,  Headteacher, Great Ormesby Junior School

on Skills & Mastery, December 2016.

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