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Blasting out of special measures

Adopting Cooperative Learning as a full school approach has paid off for this primary school. In 2014 and 2015 this special measures, newly-converted academy distributed the basic six hour Skills & Mastery course over three CPD sessions. 2016's SAT results speak for themselves:  81% achieving the expected standard or above in Reading, Writing & Maths, against a national average of 53%.

And the trends continues. In 2017 91% of pupils were achieving the expected standard or above in Reading, Writing & Maths, against a national average of 61%. Ofsted specifically notes the impact of Cooperative Learning. To achive this, the school spent a total of £900 on CPD - around £150 per month. Visit Stalham's homepage for more information on performance and Cooperative Learning in the school.

“... in terms of progress we've annihilated Norfolk average thus far.”

- Andrew Howard, deputy head, July 2016.

Important disclaimer

Following the RSC's endorsement, tens of schools have visited Stalham Academy. In spite of Stalham's warnings some schools leaders have attempted to replicate "Cooperative Learning," looking for a quick, free fix.

Under no circumstances will I, nor will Stalham Academy, accept responsibility such experiments following a couple of lesson observations without training, any deep understanding of its application, nor, indeed, its aims.

We therefore strongly urge past and future visitors to contact me to open a constructive dialogue about your needs.

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