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  Inspire STEM PGCE @ Imperial College, London

The decision to engage me for the INSPIRE PGCEs at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine came after a senior lecturer attended my presentation at Barrymede Junior School last year. The session had nothing to do with science; it demonstrated how Cooperative Learning can safely navigate controversial subjects in multicultural learning environments.

Dr Lyn Hayes, a highly experienced STEM specialist at CCCU School of Teacher Education and Development, quickly seperated this objective from the content-free Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns (CLIPs) and we easily outlined its relevance to her trainees.

"Easy to implement in a classroom. Very useful tool!"

- Dr Claudia Cianci, observer, Imperial College, 2017.

The first session covered formative and summative assessment, securing written evidence, GCSE revision and a host of other objectives using the versatile Catch1Partner, which is a staple CLIP in all courses.

Please enjoy the Q&A session where I respond to PGCE students questions about off-task behavior, tending to the needs of ambitious higher ability pupils, and student-produced learning materials.

"... his session was really engaging with a simple technique that could be easily varied and applied to many different classroom scenarios."

- Lizzie Morcom -  Trainee Teacher, CCCU INSPIRE STEM PGCE 11-18

Cooperative Learning is ideal for PGCEs, because each of these easily-managed, content-void packages effortlessly combine so many key elements of outstanding teaching, including effective classroom management, peer learning, metacognition, feedback, automatic differentiation, simultaneous and equal participation, high individual accountability, excellent monitoring opportunities, and written assessment,

to name a few.

"Powerful workshop from Jakob, who was passionate. He taught us very simple techniques that are efficient and that do not cost anything."

- Dalila Menguellet, trainee chemistry teacher, CCCU INSPIRE STEM PGCE 11-18

Read more about my PGCE programmes presented at Institute of Education in London and at Leeds SCITT.

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"Trainees have had lots of extra benefits from those sessions."

- Michelle Oldfiled, Director of Leeds SCITT, 2017.

"I had a fantastic opportunity to observe Jakob..."

- Sinead Miley, Deputy Director of Leeds SCITT, 2017.

"It's about



- Post-session Q&A with trainees,

Leeds SCITT, 2016.

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