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Leeds School Centred ITT

Optimising Initial Teacher Training

This is one of the longest running SCITTs in the region. With consistently 'good' or 'good with outstanding' Ofsted reports, delivering only top-quality, tried and tested strategies is a given.

Cooperative Learning is ideal for PGCEs, because each of these easily-managed, content-void packages effortlessly combine so many key elements of outstanding teaching, including effective classroom management, peer learning, metacognition, feedback, automatic differentiation, simultaneous and equal participation, high individual accountability, excellent monitoring opportunities, and written assessment,

to name a few.

One afternoon's training lets even new, timid trainees secure student buy-in through engaging, effective teaching, in any subject, using any materials - with virtually no additional preparation. And in many cases, Cooperative Learning will slot in with, or even strengthen, other strategies taught at the SCITT, especially classroom management, monitoring, and social skills development.

"The training course we have commenced with Jakob was undertaken to help our trainees support pupils in realising their full potential and make real progress in their learning. The course supports our trainee teachers in making learning and progress visible in the classroom and can be applied in any subject and for any age group." 

Please contact myself or the Director, Ms Oldfield, for more information. Follow Leeds SCITT on‎ @LeedsSCITT.

“The training was hands on and the impact was immediately clear. Working with Jakob has been a pleasure as he has listened to our priorities and needs and tailored his approach and the course content accordingly and

I would highly recommend.”

- Michelle Oldfield, Director of Leeds SCITT, November 2016

Read more about my PGCE programmes presented at the Institute of Education & Imperial College, London.

"Trainees have had lots of extra benefits from those sessions."

- Michelle Oldfiled, Director of Leeds SCITT, 2017.

"I had a fantastic opportunity to observe Jakob..."

- Sinead Miley, Deputy Director of Leeds SCITT, 2017.

"It's about



- Post-session Q&A with trainees,

Leeds SCITT, 2016.

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