Uthman ibn Affan Trust

“The results from this training exceeds all our expectations...”

– Anas al-Korj, Director & Trustee, 2016.


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Uthman bin Affan Trust

Building future Syria, one team at a time

In the highly complex learning environment of Syrian refugee children spread across Turkey, the objective of this international educational charity is to give the next generation of Syrians the ability to rebuild their shattered country.

The challenges are many; post-traumatic stress, oversized classes, five-year divergence within a single form, and in some cases virtually no classroom resources. Added to this, many wholly unqualified teachers are used to cover shortages. Only Cooperative Learning leverages the resources within each child and promotes subject knowledge and, equally importantly, skills of collaboration, creative thinking, and a practical understanding of democracy, leadership and decision making; everything young Syrians needs to thrive in the 21st century.

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“I strongly recommend that every school must try Cooperative Learning as it is main school-wide teaching strategy. As well as raising standards and addressing many teaching challenges,

it will make life easy for both, pupils and teachers.”

– Mr Anas al-Korj, Director & Trustee, feedback on first session, August 2016.

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